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We Are Moving to a New Clinic 

We are moving from our East Perth location to a BRAND NEW CLINIC in MOUNT LAWLEY

Pilates Studio
Weight Lifting

Our move to the new clinic allows for more services, such as; 

  • Fully equipped dedicated rehabilitation gym 

  • Full sized Reformer Pilates Studio - where we will be offering one-on-one private sessions and semi-private small group sessions

  • 22 dedicated onsite parking spots available for the exclusive use of our patients only (no more looking for street parking)

  • More than triple the size of our current clinic!


In this webinar we will cover

Untitled design (24).png

Appointments at the New Mount Lalwley Clinic will commenece from the 2nd of May. Click the link below to book your appointment.

You can book an appointment for any of our services online, including Soft Tissue OT, Clinical Pilates, and Exercise Rehab.