New Patient Special 

Initial Consultation and Treatment for $79.

*Normal Consultation Fee $110

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Back Pain


Facet Joint Issues

Nerve Issues

Disc Bulge / Herniation 

Muscle Imbalances


SIJ Dysfunction

And More!

Shoulder Pain


AC Joint

Rotator Cuff Issues


Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Instability

And More!

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Neck Pain


Pinched Nerve

Cervical Disc Bulge


Wry Neck

Posture Issues

And More!

What We Treat

Includes a Comprehensive Health History review, Orthopaedic Testing, Neuromuscular Evaluation and Hands-on Treatment. We focus on the Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehab of primarily Musculoskeletal conditions.

Please mention '$79 New Patient Special' to claim this exclusive offer when you book your appointment.

Back Pain

Shoulder Issues

Headache/ Migraine

Running Injuries

Sports Injuries


Knee Injuries

And more...

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Instant Private Health Fund Rebates Available

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Health fund rebates and HICAPs vary with each health fund and practitioner. Please contact your health fund or our office for further information

* Only valid to New Patients whom cite '$79 new patient special' when booking the appointment. Normal value for Intial Consultation and Treamtent is $110.