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Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy is centred around the Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation of primarily Musculoskeletal conditions. 


Dry Needling is a safe and effective treatment method for many different soft tissue pathologies. Our practitioners have been specially trained to use this treatment method.  


Rehabilitation post surgery is an important part of the recovery process and assists with returning to pre-surgical function. However, you shouldn't wait until after surgery - latest research has shown that starting the rehab process before surgery ('Prehab') has more favourable outcomes and can shorten the recovery process! 


We work with athletes of all levels - from International athletes performing on the world stage to local club weekend warriors.

Whether it be acute injuries or working together to improve performance - we got you covered.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. These changes can result in different aches and pains in the body. We are trained to help you manage these pains and support you throughout your pregnancy.


Our Therapists have undergone extensive specialised training to work with Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts and other performers. 

We have worked with top names from WAAPA, Joffrey Ballet School of New York, International Singers and more!

Running Injuries & Rehab

We treat all types of running injuries and conditions, from acute injuries like a hamstring tear or strain all the way to more chronic conditions like Achilles Tendinopathy. Learn more about the various running injuries we commonly treat.  


With the ever increasing focus on workplace health, it is important to ensure your workstation minimises the risk of injury and increases productivity. 

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